Our Story

Being a mother of 3 can lead to a busy life with limited amount of time. Between sports practices, dance recitals, and after school activities, your day is filled.
Pebble’s Polish was inspired by our first and only daughter “Pebble’s”. At the young age of 2 she begin to have quite an interest in nail polish. With her brothers being very involved, our nail polishing time was extremely limited. As time went by, we found ourselves trying to paint her nails more frequently. Every time we’d paint them with a kids polish, it would come off within a day or two. With our hectic schedules we knew we had to figure out a solution and buying a polish with heavy harsh chemicals was not an option. We were in need of a safe, kid friendly, non toxic nail polish that would last longer then what we’ve experienced. Shortly after Pebble’s Polish was created!